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You can Have it all, But How Much do you Want it?

Long time no.....

I moved in w/ S. after a few ups and downs, but we have been together for almost 4 years now.
Wow, time flys. Anyways we are living together now and I found a great job at a Marketing Research firm in Center City ( Absolutely love it! great pay, people and perks)But overall I feel that I have grown up a lot over the past couple of years, I just turned 25. There are many things I wish I never did, many things I wish I did differently. But I guess it's all what you take away from them.

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Well, things have been going good so far this summer. Things are good at work, I might be doing some PR work in NJ..I'm not excited for the drive over but excited to be doing something in the PR field. Arts Fest is this weekend and I'm not gong to go, I think its the best choice, drinking and bars I feel that I've grown out of, and the wheather isnt supposed to be that great. Jen is still going, i think, I hope she will be safe.
I might be going to her shorehouse next weekend. I am ;looking foward to maybe getting some color, I'm soooo white LOL
I can't wait till S comes home, I miss him so much. I can't wait to go to the shore again w him and go to red lobster and get some lobsteritas and play pool and many other things...:-P
Still looking for an apt....

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This weekend, came and went like all the rest. Trying to pass the time of this desolate summer, I really hate summer. I'd tried to have fun, but i still feel empty. Saturday night, I fell too pieces, ended up sobbing at Brownies and all the way home. I don't know why, prob cuz i miss stan, no one compares to him.
Blah. Work is fine, I really like it there, I like being a young professional LOl
Tommorow I might go to geno's for some steaks w some of my co workers, we'll see :-)

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This weekend I will be going up to see Jen again. I don't know what we're gonna prolly, a little shopping and what not. I know she wants to go back to brownies on saturday, I like brownies but I'm really not into the bar scene anymore, I'd rather be home watching a movie or reading a good book. :-P I had a silly convo w mike the other day, I tried to get him jealous and maybe want jen back because I can't picture them not together and since he's been w stacy I haven't talked to him hardly at all, and I miss those times. But I do want him to be happy, I just hope he is. Hopefully I can hang out w Elleni next weekend, I havent seen her in a while.

Still searching for a nice apt. I'm worried I won't find one around here and I'll have to start looking in the city, that might be too expensive. Keep ya posted.

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Sorry I haven;t updated in a while...

Well, Stan is gone for the summer, we had a nice couple weeks together while he was still here. WE met for lunch a few times on our breaks and what not. I will really miss him but I guess it will be good to have some time apart. He is on his cruise now and I'm so glad for him, he deserves the R&R.

I went to stay with Jen this weekend and we had a lot of fun. Friday we went to Havanna's in New Hope. It was a nice place, but they had some creepy ppl there, esp this married couple who hit on me. It was so gross the wife kept following me around all night. Eew. I 'm really starting to dislike going to the bar, I'm so uninterested it's not even funny. Saturday she took me on a tour of newtown and we went to her cousins softball game. then we had dinner w her aunt at this nice thai restaurant, and later we went to brownies and played pool all night, i tink I'm starting to improve. Hopefully maybe I can hustle, haha

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St Pattys
St Patty's Day...I am a drunken slut
Before the Bars:Jen, Me, Jen, Kristen, Michelle, Christine & Tasha

there's a piece of you that's here with me, it's everywhere I go, It's everything I see
Valentine's day was great. WE had a romantic weekend together. We went out for dinner.S got me this adorable stuffed animal and card professing his love for me- I read it like 20 times a day- and roses. I got him a huge bottle of grey goose-his favorite vodka.
Can I even begin to describe how in love I am? Probably not, I hope this feeling never goes away. I was thinking about my relationship history and how I never would have imagined that I could have found someone so special up here. I mean last spring I was dating Chris, then James and I am so glad that I freed myself from them because it allowed S to come into my life. Even though James and I were never that much involved even though he said he loved me-he was considered. I'm glad I didn't settle. It's like the planets and stars aligned...fate.

I have work tonight till 9 30, I'll be so happy when I'm done. S is sick so I am gonna go take care of him when I get home. Got my period this week, well at least I know my birth control is working. ;-P

I am so ready to be done school. I am sick of State College. It's starting to sink into me..This place steals your soul.

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I go in for my second night of training tonight, then friday then I will probably start next week..I was scouted to be in Playboy College girls edition. It's $500 for the shoot and $25,000 for a playmate...I dunno if I'm going to do it, but if I do I'm glad I've been working out lately.
My relationship is fantastic. The sex is great,sooooo passionate, I can't get enough of him. We exchanged the L word recently. He's derfinatly my first love. Maybe my great one-only time will tell. I've never felt this way before about anyone ever...not even close. My BC is making me a little nutty lately. Espically since we stopped using condoms, I have all these weird chemicals mixing around in my body, add that on too stress about school, work and other shit..wheww, but I think I'm handling it well.

We're planning to take a holiday together sometime soon...somewhere warm and mediterrian-ish...maybe Florence.

Being an Aries is Love.