You can Have it all, But How Much do you Want it?

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"there's a man who loves you"
I go in for my second night of training tonight, then friday then I will probably start next week..I was scouted to be in Playboy College girls edition. It's $500 for the shoot and $25,000 for a playmate...I dunno if I'm going to do it, but if I do I'm glad I've been working out lately.
My relationship is fantastic. The sex is great,sooooo passionate, I can't get enough of him. We exchanged the L word recently. He's derfinatly my first love. Maybe my great one-only time will tell. I've never felt this way before about anyone ever...not even close. My BC is making me a little nutty lately. Espically since we stopped using condoms, I have all these weird chemicals mixing around in my body, add that on too stress about school, work and other shit..wheww, but I think I'm handling it well.

We're planning to take a holiday together sometime soon...somewhere warm and mediterrian-ish...maybe Florence.

Being an Aries is Love.


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