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This weekend I will be going up to see Jen again. I don't know what we're gonna prolly, a little shopping and what not. I know she wants to go back to brownies on saturday, I like brownies but I'm really not into the bar scene anymore, I'd rather be home watching a movie or reading a good book. :-P I had a silly convo w mike the other day, I tried to get him jealous and maybe want jen back because I can't picture them not together and since he's been w stacy I haven't talked to him hardly at all, and I miss those times. But I do want him to be happy, I just hope he is. Hopefully I can hang out w Elleni next weekend, I havent seen her in a while.

Still searching for a nice apt. I'm worried I won't find one around here and I'll have to start looking in the city, that might be too expensive. Keep ya posted.


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