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You can Have it all, But How Much do you Want it?

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(no subject)
Well, things have been going good so far this summer. Things are good at work, I might be doing some PR work in NJ..I'm not excited for the drive over but excited to be doing something in the PR field. Arts Fest is this weekend and I'm not gong to go, I think its the best choice, drinking and bars I feel that I've grown out of, and the wheather isnt supposed to be that great. Jen is still going, i think, I hope she will be safe.
I might be going to her shorehouse next weekend. I am ;looking foward to maybe getting some color, I'm soooo white LOL
I can't wait till S comes home, I miss him so much. I can't wait to go to the shore again w him and go to red lobster and get some lobsteritas and play pool and many other things...:-P
Still looking for an apt....